The fridge of others

Med Food offers a REFRIGERATOR RECONDITIONING SERVICE, unique in the industry. Med Food provides complete management of all customers refrigerated displays, whether provided by Med Food, but also for units provided by others producers.

The Refrigerator Reconditioning Service is as follow :

  • Check of the unit when delivered by the customer
  • Screening - the serial number is recorded and is made an assessment of needed repairs
  • Reconditioning - the fridge are revised, the mechanical and electrical functions are overhauled and the refrigerators are washed and sanitised
  • New Branding by graphic applications providing a strong visual impact
  • Storage - The refrigeration units are stocked at Med Food’s warehouse
  • Disposal - obsolete refrigerators are disposed of according to environmental respect.


"Then we really care a particular service confirming our focus on the customer: we call it The Fridge of the Others."
Marilena Maioli