As a result of years of experience in handling customer needs, Med Food also offers TURNKEY RENTAL SERVICE as an alternative to purchasing units.

In summary, the rental of Med Food refrigerated displays offers:

•    Fiscal advantages
•    Being equal investment in sales and rentals, renting allows greater market penetration, thanks to the presence in a greater number of points of sale,
     resulting in the increase in sales
•    Duration – short-term and long-term
•    Service – the customer enjoys all the services provided by Med Food, regardless of whether the units are purchased or rented.

Sales and consulting combine to help customers make business decisions. Med Food helps its customers choose the most efficient fridge for their product, while maintaining their brand and product as key elements. This is complemented by a personalised graphic design that, thanks to the  MedFood displays, allows for a very efficient and effective communication of the product and high visual impact.

As follow, the sale of the  refrigerated displays MedFood :

•    Personalised solutions
•    Proposals tailored to the customer’s unique needs
•    Availability of reconditioned units, guaranteed by Med Food.