Med Food has developed its own philosophy that was born, even before as market demand, as an expression of a fundamental value: respect for the environment.

From this perspective Med Food developed a special product out of respect for the environment in advance of market requirements. Med Food’s RECHARGEABLE AUTO-REFRIGERATED DISPLAY is an environmentally friendly solution.  The fridge is recharged overnight to allow for its full functioning during the following 12 hours, without compromising the quality and functionality of the refrigeration provided.

Med Food believes that developing such products is an ethical and responsible behaviour, and is a fundamental contribution to a better social and economic environment. Med Food believes all companies have a responsibility to operate in a socially ethical and responsible manner.

Med Food commits to:

  • Strong attention to electrical usage: research and implementation of technologies that allow the maximum reduction in usage, resulting in reduced usage costs to the customer
  • Disposal of old refrigeration units according to the law (Environmental Ministry Law No. 145 April 1, 1998). For every unit, Med Food issues a disposal certification to the customer as required by law (D.L. April 3, 2006 No. 152 Art 193)
  • Recycling of more than 90% of the fridge components
  • Maximization of units usage: Discontinued fridges, or fridges that have incurred a high number of working hours, are sold as Special Deals (“Angolo delle Occasioni”) instead of being scrapped 
  • Fleet company cars only hybrid or by natural gas powered

Med Food is a proud sponsor of Fiori di Campo Onlus, an association that provides projects for underprivileged children.