Med Food Advisory Service

Our consulting services are part of our core business: Special Med Food Services, Special Events, and Targeted Marketing. These are supporting services, often unique, that complete our product offering.

Then we really care a particular service confirming our focus on the customer: we call it  The Fridges of the Others. This service provides maintenance assistance not only to fridges provided by Med Food, but also for units provided by others producers.

Together with our customers we are always looking for the best solution.
Research and Development
Years of experience in the Food Industry provide us with the knowledge to plan and develop targeted and custom solutions. Med Food provides solutions for request of large quantity, but is also flexible and able to satisfy low-volume orders.

Special Med Food Service
Special Med Food Service is a consulting service offered to customers: from customised logistic solutions to Med Food specialised technical assistance.

Targeted Marketing
Med Food assists its customer with projects and marketing proposals focused on the best product positioning in point of sales, to support the visibility of the product tied to the brand and to achieve the best sales goals.

Special Events
Med Food provides a unique and niche service: We deliver and install a variety of refrigerated displays, including special sizes, to exclusive locations for special events, shows and meetings. We can also provide non-standard equipment throughout Italy, any day of the year. This is Med Food Special Events Service.